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When your people succeed, so does your business.

Lattice empowers your teams to deliver results with tools to maximize performance, support retention, and promote a culture of excellence.

Maximize productivity

You've hired the best people. Now help them deliver the best results.

Lattice empowers your leaders to build motivated, aligned organizations that can deliver big results.

  • Set clear, impactful goals
  • Track and understand performance
  • Guide continuous growth
Maintain momentum through retention

Keep your company on track — and your people off the job market.

Lattice helps you identify attrition risks, measure the impacts of your response, and make data-driven decisions about your people strategy.

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Build resilience through culture

Build a culture that will carry your team over any speedbump

Strong teams deliver strong results. Lattice will help you build a more engaged organization.

  • Gather and prioritize feedback
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations
  • Make every employee feel valued
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See how Lattice’s people success tools power results

Drive productivity through ongoing, actionable feedback

Align your organization to top-level objectives and link them to individual growth plans to keep priorities on track.

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Prioritize high-impact people initiatives

Gather information on employee sentiment, identify your biggest focus areas, and help employees feel heard.

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Keep sight of company priorities at scale

Implement, track and prioritize structured goals attached to clear business outcomes.

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Employee development for the new world of work

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

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Power prioritization through data

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

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Take the guesswork out of compensation

Merge benchmark data and employee performance to make data-driven decisions about employee rewards.

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The Lattice difference

People leaders everywhere are transforming their approach to performance, engagement, and development with Lattice.

The best tools, trusted by the best businesses

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Top-tier customer service team

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The road to ROI. Simplified.

Lattice is easy to adopt, loved by our users, and delivers wide-reaching impacts that can drive big savings.

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“Lattice OKRs helps create hyperfocus that transcends through our whole organization.”
Zach Wright, Strategy Staff Executive, Head of Sales Ops
“Pulse and eNPS survey data gives us clear insights and empowers us to create solutions to address challenges.”
Lucy Maresco, Vice President of People

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