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Deliver a 195% Return on Investing in Your People
with Lattice

See how Lattice can drive $3.5m in benefits for companies across multiple elements of the employee experience and people strategy in this Lattice-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.

The Business Impact of the Lattice Platform


Three-year Total Benefits


Three-year Return on Investment

3 months

Payback Period


Attrition Rates plummeted nearly 40%

Engage ↗

Employee Engagement Heightened

More time

Administrators & Employees Saved Thousands of Hours

Watch this webinar to hear speakers from our guest Forrester and Lattice discuss the key study findings followed by Q&A.

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Katy Tynan

Principal Analyst

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Amy Harrison

Senior TEI Consultant

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Julia Markish

Director, People Advisory Services

Watch the webinar

The Voice of the Customer

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“Before Lattice, engagement score was 50%; because of that, our turnover was enormous. We had a 30% or 40% turnover rate last year.

Near the end of last year and the beginning of this year, we have a much higher adoption rate for OKRs, and we’re getting a lot more engagement in 1-on-1s of people checking in with their OKRs, etc.

Our turnover rate is currently 4% and our engagement score is 72%

— HR Business Partner, Technology

“When everyone had a batched review exactly the same time, everything came to a standstill for about a week. Everyone would be  focusing on writing the review. We rely a lot upon peer feedback in the reviews. There are 5 peers that are asked for feedback. I was writing up to 20 reviews at the time.

Essentially the company would come to a standstill all at once… About a week’s worth of productivity was being lost.

— People Operations Analyst, Financial

“I have a limited L&D budget. I’m not wasting those dollars on skills that are random. Instead of telling the finance team ‘hey, these two people want to take a writing course,’ I can say: ‘A lot of people in this group received feedback on written communication. Let’s send 20 people to a training session.”

— VP People, Technology