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employee development

Competency Matrices

Your employees want to grow. Ensure they know how. With Competency Matrices, each employee will be clear on their role expectations and understand their path to career advancement.

employee development

Growth Areas

Empower employees to drive their own career growth. Our easily implementable Growth Areas help employees achieve meaningful, continuous development from day one.

employee development

Individual Development Plans

Empower employees to drive their own career growth. Our easy-to-launch Individual Development Plans help employees achieve meaningful, continuous development from day one.

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employee development

Career tracks

Ditch the spreadsheets. Career tracks and templates help you effortlessly manage role expectations as your company evolves.

employee development

Integration with 1:1s

Turn managers into career coaches, integrating career conversations into everyday work to guide company-wide growth.

“Even when I’ve worked in progressive organizations that value career development, we never had a tool that makes it easy to facilitate development plans in line with career tracks. Lattice Grow is the missing piece to holistic talent management.”

Nicole Hopkins  —  Director of People, Webflow

Make employee expectations crystal clear

Make expectations crystal clear and illuminate career advancement opportunities to keep your employees engaged and committed.

Supercharge managers to guide continuous growth

Grow’s tools and templates transform managers into career coaches, ensuring growth never feels like an afterthought.

Put employees in the driver’s seat of their career growth

Make short-term and long-term development planning empowering for employees and easy for managers.

Grow is the development tool that People leaders love

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Our team members are talking about growth and development much more consistently with their managers and even in department meetings. It’s spread, and it's shifted our culture.”

Julia Karnezis
Director of People Experience
130+ Employees

We are all about ensuring that each employee is in the driver seat of their developmental journey, and Lattice Grow, in conjunction with the suite of tools in Lattice Performance, helps make that a reality.”

Chris Yeh
Talent Acceleration
300+ employees

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