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Your biggest people challenges just got a lot less challenging

Lattice empowers people leaders to manage performance at scale, support retention, and promote a strong company culture.

Help every employee perform their best

Empower every employee to reach their potential

Lattice saves people teams time, and give employees the tools they need to grow.

  • Hold painless, productive performance reviews
  • Recognize employee achievements
  • Plan for long-term individual growth
Boost retention and employee satisfaction

Keep your company on track — and your people off the job market.

Understand employee sentiment to better engage and support your people, and empower managers to drive change.

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Build culture, meaning and belonging

Build a culture your people will be proud of

Lattice is built to support the moments that make work meaningful.

  • Gather and prioritize feedback
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations
  • Make every employee feel valued
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See how Lattice’s people success tools power results

Run performance reviews that employees and managers will love

Effortlessly manage 360 review cycles and build in ongoing feedback options for additional touchpoints.

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Help your people feel seen and heard

Run pulse surveys, conduct engagement reviews, and track employee sentiment over time to understand your people's biggest concerns.

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Every big win deserves recognition

Lattice's tools for structured goal setting help employees and leaders understand the impact of their individual work.

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Help every employee reach their potential

Turn managers into career coaches with personalized growth plans, actionable steps, and ongoing feedback tools

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Power prioritization through data

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

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No more tough conversations

Make compensation conversations simple and data-driven with tools that merge benchmark data with your employee's unique performance.

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The Lattice difference

People leaders everywhere are transforming their approach to performance, engagement, and development with Lattice.

The best tools, trusted by the best businesses

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Top-tier customer service team

Every partner receives access to our award-winning customer care team, at no additional cost.

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Headache-free implementation

Change management has never felt easier. No implementation fees. No technical resources required. Effortless employee adoption.

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“With Lattice, we can understand what our employees need and then create an action plan to fill gaps”
Liza Haskell, Chief Administrative Officer
“Lattice actively listens to their customers to better their product for them. It's such a simple concept, but I think a lot of vendors miss it completely.”
Balbina Knight, VP People and Culture

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