Individual Development Plans

Increase retention through continuous career development

Introduce easy-to-launch individual development plans that your employees will actually use.

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Individual Development Plans overview

Employee development plans that don't collect dust

Activate your entire company with a dynamic development program that encourages engagement, retention, and high performance

Empower employees to plan a future with you

Your employees expect growth opportunities. Lattice helps you provide short-term and long-term career plans that guide continuous development  — this way, every employee can be confident in their professional path.

Easily roll out development plans across your entire company

Lattice helps you build a strategic, streamlined development program that activates and aligns every employee from the start.

Turn managers into career coaches

Don’t let development become an afterthought for your managers. Lattice offers conversation guides, reminders, and more to ensure your managers provide top-notch career development.

“I can’t believe it’s now a reality to run Individual Development Plans in Lattice. It’s huge that these career conversations live in Lattice and can tie into our other people management tools. This tool will make it easier for our managers to support their direct reports with regular, high-quality career development, and our employees will feel more confident in charting their growth at our company.”

Balbina Knight  —  Director of People & Projects, Thrive Digital
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