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People Strategy is not a one-size-fits-all formula

Lattice Advisory Services helps People leaders identify and execute on the People strategies that fit their unique needs — strategies that create value for their companies and meaning for their employees.

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Translating data for actionable change

The Lattice Advisory team is composed of a diverse group of individuals able to bring unique insight, perspective and passion into People strategy.

We’re collecting industry knowledge, exploring cross-customer platform data, tapping into academic research, and running market analyses to understand what practices are successful, the conditions under which they are successful, and what that success means across individuals, teams and companies.

Our team is taking a hard look at industry best practices and innovating them to meet the needs of businesses today.

Lattice Advisory Services Solutions

Leverage our experts to address your company's unique People Strategy needs

Building your OKR Program

Learn how to adapt and successfully rollout the OKR methodology at your company

Building your Listening Program

Build a customized Engagement Survey strategy that delivers key insights and drives adoption

OKR Champ Camp

Empower your leaders and OKR program managers to build and champion a top-tier OKR process

Building your Compensation Program 

Develop people-centered compensation strategies that scale as you grow

Building your Career Progression Program

Center employee growth by building out your career tracks, job levels, competencies, and more

Strategic Consultation Package

Custom time with our experts to elevate any aspect of your people strategy

“The LAS team partnered closely with us to understand our people initiatives and reporting needs. With our asks in mind, the LAS team broke down the EES data, which enabled us to tell a story to leadership and employees in way that was accessible, concise, and action-oriented. I don't know what we would do without them.”
Katie Roughan
Samba TV

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Our diverse ecosystem of trusted partners helps People teams apply customized, data-backed, best-in-class practices to their teams.

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